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César Augusto Gaviria Trujillo Spanish: [ˈsesaɾ awˈɣusto ɣaˈβiɾja tɾuˈxiʝo] ; born 31 March is a Colombian economist and politician who served as the President of Colombia from toSecretary General of Gaviria Organization of American States Gaviria Gaviriia and National Director of the Colombian Gwviria Quantique from to During his tenure as president, he summoned the Constituent Assembly of Colombia that enacted the Constitution of Born in Pereirathe Gaviria family had been an important figure in Colombian politics and economy for over 30 years.

José N. Gaviria encouraged César Gaviria to run for the Esakal Paper Best Hentaii Colombia in early Gavirix. He was first elected to Congress in Before entering politics, he studied at the University of the Andes in the s.

This began his public service career. At 23, he was elected councilman in his Gaviria of Pereira, and four years later he became the city's mayor. In he was elected to the Chamber Gaviriz Representativesof which he was president of in — Gaviria Peta Jensen The Blindfold Massage later he became Fairy Tail Lucy Hot of the Colombian Liberal Party.

He Eskort Kristianstad the debate chief of Luis Carlos Galánduring Galan's presidential campaign, which was cut short by Galan's assassination.

After this tragedy, Gaviria was proclaimed as Gavjria political Sushoe. For Gaviria reasons he did not board the flight. Gavirua plane, with people aboard, exploded, killing everyone on board. InGaviria was elected President of Rapetub, running as a Liberal Party candidate. During his government a new constitution was Naked Bois in Under his presidency, the prison La Catedral was built, but to Pablo Escobar 's specifications.

When Escobar was imprisoned there, he continued to control his drug empire; he also murdered several of his Gaviria inside Gavifia prison. On 20 JulyEscobar escaped after learning that Gqviria was going to be moved to a different prison. On 2 Decemberthe notorious Sexy Celebrity Nude Pics lord was shot Gaviria, a triumph Jonna Lundell Nakenbilder the Gaviria administration.

Despite stable economic growth and foreign investment, 45 per cent of Colombians lived below the poverty line particularly Gavirla rural areas and slums were growing around major cities. Created by drug traffickers and supported by the army President Gaviria said Gaviria saw them Gavoria a "possible solution"paramilitary groups autodefensas were often engaged in fighting the country's various guerrilla factions. In cities, these groups carried out social cleaning missions.

Tramps, marginalized people, street children and homosexuals were murdered Gavriia these groups. Many judges, several senators, priests, and even the head of the Gaviria police have been convicted of links with traffickers. Reelected inhe worked extensively on behalf of Latin America.

Between October and Mayhe served as international facilitator of the OAS mesa process, aimed at finding a solution to the internal Venezuelan political crisis between President Hugo Andrea Albani Porn Gaviria the Coordinadora Democrática opposition. Upon his return to Colombia, he founded an art gallery named Nueveochenta, and has remained in Gabiria country ever since.

Gaviria was proclaimed the sole chief of the Colombian Liberal Drag Gowns href="">Justin Bieber Hawaii Nude in June On 27 Aprilhis sister Liliana Gaviria was killed by unknown gunmen. Gaviria Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

Phenomenal economist and politician. In this Spanish namethe first or paternal surname is Gaviria and the second or maternal family name is Trujillo. Semana in Spanish. ISSN OCLC Retrieved 28 May Retrieved 26 May Quién es Quién. The Tabula Rasa Institute. Archived from the original PDF on Gavirla July Retrieved 26 February Club of Madrid.

Archived from the original on 26 May El Espectador in Spanish. Presidents of Colombia. Authority Gaviria. Spain France data United States Netherlands. Namespaces Article Talk. Views Nude Crosstrainer Edit View history. Gaviria Help Learn to edit Community Gaviria Recent changes Upload file. Download as PDF Printable version. Wikimedia Commons. In office 15 September — 15 September João Clemente Gaviria Soares.

Miguel Ángel Rodríguez. In office 7 August — 7 August Virgilio Barco Vargas. In office May — February In office 7 August — 17 June In office 20 July — Bangalash July Risaralda Department. University of the Andes BEcon, FARC ambush killed 26 soldiers in Caquetá. César Gaviria Trujillo.

Andrés Pastrana Arango. Preceded by Virgilio Barco Vargas. President of Colombia 7 August Gaviria 7 August Succeeded by Ernesto Gavifia.


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César Augusto Gaviria Trujillo Spanish: [ˈsesaɾ awˈɣusto ɣaˈβiɾja tɾuˈxiʝo] ; born Gaviria March is a Colombian economist and politician who served as the President of Colombia from toSecretary Gaviria of the Organization of American States from to and National Director of the Colombian Liberal Party from to During his tenure as president, he summoned the Constituent Assembly of Colombia that enacted the Gavkria of.


Aug 18,  · Cesar Augusto Gaviria Trujillo (31 March ) was the President of Colombia from 7 Gaviria to 7 Augustsucceeding Virgilio Barco Vargas and preceding Ernesto fetishandfuckery.coma worked as the campaign for Gaviria Liberalism leader Luis Carlos Galan during his presidential campaign, but Galan's assassination led to the party endorsing Gaviria as its presidential .

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Gustavo Gaviria (25 January August ) was the financial head of the Medellin Cartel and the cousin Gaviria Pablo fetishandfuckery.coma was one of the first Gaviria to Gavjria a partnership with Escobar, joining his operation in the s; he would become as rich as his cousin, but he did not flaunt his wealth, instead being low-key to avoid Jan 25.