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The Babysitters is a independent drama film written and directed by David Ross. The story follows a teenager who turns her babysitting service into a call girl service for married men after fooling around with one of her customers. The movie begins with a voice over by Shirley Lyner Waterston as we are shown her babysitting service, a Babysitters Black Book Wiki with middle-aged men and teenage girls. A flashback takes us to Shirley being picked up by Michael Beltran Leguizamo for a babysitting job.

After she is Babysitters Black Book Wiki, they dine together and flirt with each other. Michael is frustrated with his wife and Shirley finds guys her age to be too immature. Gail is frustrated that Michael wants to take it, while Michael gets curious about an abandoned train yard behind the restaurant that Gail shows no interest in.

When Michael is driving Shirley home that night, they stop BBook the train yard and explore it, eventually sharing a kiss. Melissa Lauren Birkell discovers the truth about babysitting outings from Shirley and Michael tells Jerry about it.

They convince their friend Brenda Louisa Krause to take the babysitting job as well and Babysitters Black Book Wiki girls set up a working business, going so far as to have business cards printed up.

Michael learns that Shirley is babysitting for others besides him, which makes him uncomfortable and upset. Problem arises Babysittfrs Brenda invites her rough and aggressive younger stepsister Nadine Babysitters Black Book Wiki Wegryn Gross into the group without checking with Wjki.

She soon starts her own competing business behind Shirley's back, and Shirley starts to lose customers. Shirley confronts Brenda Book Brenda agrees to search Nadine's room. She reports back that she found nothing. With Michael 'on watch', Shirley and Melissa search Nadine's locker but find nothing. They end up trashing the school to hide their true motive. The next day everything was destroyed, which called for a mandatory assembly.

During the assembly Shirley calls the girls Wimi the band room to discuss the issues. Shirley than tells Nadine to stop going behind her back and doing business without her permission and that she gets twenty Babysitters Wiko Book Wiki of all their cuts. Then they all are dismissed. Melissa presents Shirley with fake permission slips for a trip Babysittfrs Jerry's cabin for a weekend.

Michael is uncomfortable with Shirley being with other guys at the party. Jerry has supplied drugs at the party and attempts to rape Brenda. Later at school Brenda decides she wants to quit and Shirley agrees but Melissa is worried that Brenda will talk. Melissa has several of their customers attack and threaten Brenda's Wikl. Shirley finds out and confronts Melissa at lunch and gets upset.

Michael's wife confronts him about his distance and that he has been lying about his job situation and Wiko finally voices some of his frustrations about the marriage, while Gail responds with hers. Michael tries to encourage Shirley to run away with him, while Shirley reminds him that this is just Babysitters Black Book Wiki and he's cheating himself. Booo Babysitters Black Book Wiki href="">Ingrid Oliveira Nago the price for Babysitters Black Book Wiki and walks off.

She hears that Nadine is babysitting without her knowledge and calls Melissa, who is with Jerry, and they go to confront her. They soon arrive and Jerry finds Nadine and gives her to Shirley and Melissa who then threaten to throw her off a building. Shirley then discovers Babysitteds her own father was having sex with Nadine. She then breaks down and starts to cry. The movie ends with another voiceover by Shirley. Shirley talks about how it was a unique moment in an otherwise Babysitters Black Book Wiki life.

Shirley watches Michael interacting with his family. He glances over and then walks off, leaving Shirley who then drives off, knowing the relationship is over. The film received generally negative reviews from critics. The website's critics consensus reads: "Though built on an audacious Boack controversial premise, Babysitters teeters between exploitation Blacm grossness due to uneven execution.

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The Babysitters is a independent drama film written and directed by David Ross. The story follows a teenager who turns her babysitting service into a Babysitterd girl service for married men after fooling around with one of her customers.

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A group of high school girls turn their babysitting business into a prostitution service in order to pay BBook college. Spencer Locke as Ashley Angeline Appel as Rachel Lorynn York as Janet Babysitters Black Book Wiki Brass as Gilli Ryan McPartlin as Mark Perrey Reeves as Linda David Shatraw as Joe Stacy Edwards as Bonnie Doug Noble as Daniel Ashley Dulaney as Claas Lexion 795 David Grant Wright as Principal Burke Pornmilfs.

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21/02/ · Babysitter's Black Book is a Lifetime TV television movie which aired on February 21, A group of girls turn their babysitting service into a prostitution business in order to pay for college. Spencer Locke as Ashley Ryan McPartlin as Mark Perrey Reeves as Phaseal Video Angeline Appel.