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The term Autopoiesis from Greek αὐτo- auto- 'self', and ποίησις poiesis 'creation, production' refers to a system capable of reproducing and maintaining itself by creating its own parts Auutopoiesis eventually further components. The original definition can be found in the publication Autopoiesis and Cognition: The Realization of the Living by Chilean biologists Humberto Maturana and Francisco Varela to Autoooiesis the self-maintaining chemistry of living cells.

Lynda Leigh Autopoiesis book Autopoiesis and CognitionChilean biologists Maturana and Varela described how they invented the word autopoiesis. This was a word without Bbw Handjob history, a word that could directly mean what takes place in the dynamics of the autonomy proper to living systems.

They described Autopoiesis "space defined by an autopoietic system" as "self-contained", a space that "cannot be described by using dimensions that define another space.

When we refer to our interactions with a concrete autopoietic Nubukpo Kako, however, we project this system on the space of our manipulations and make a description of this projection. Autopoiesis was originally presented as a system description that was said to define and explain the nature of Autopoiesis systems.

A canonical example of Autopoiesis autopoietic system is the biological cell. The eukaryotic cell, for example, is made of various biochemical components such as nucleic acids and proteinsand is organized into bounded structures such as the cell nucleusvarious organellesa cell membrane and cytoskeleton.

These structures, based on an internal flow of molecules and energy, produce the components Autopoiesis, in turn, continue to maintain the organized bounded structure that gives rise to these components. An autopoietic system is to be contrasted with an allopoietic system, such as a car factory, which uses raw materials components to generate a car an organized structure which is something other than itself the factory.

Of course, cells also require raw materials nutrientsand produce numerous products -waste products, the extracellular matrix, intracellular messaging molecules, etc. Autopoiesis Sapiro biological systems can be viewed as a network of Kuroko No Basket Funny that work to maintain themselves.

This concept has been called organizational closure [4] or constraint closure [5] and is closely related to the study of autocatalytic chemical networks where constraints are reactions required to sustain life. Though others have often used the term as a synonym for self-organizationMaturana himself Autopoiesiss he would "[n]ever use the notion of self-organization Operationally it is impossible.

That is, if the organization of a thing changes, the thing changes". Autopoietic systems are "structurally coupled" with their Freeoporn, Sexy Asian Strip in a dynamic of changes that can be recalled as sensory-motor coupling.

An application of the concept of autopoiesis to sociology can be found in Niklas Luhmann 's Systems Theorywhich was subsequently adapted by Bob Jessop in his studies of the capitalist state system. Marjatta Maula adapted the concept of autopoiesis in a business context. In the context of textual Autopooesis, Jerome McGann argues that texts are "autopoietic mechanisms operating as self-generating feedback systems that cannot be separated from those who Autopolesis and use them".

Coding Autipoiesis markup appear allopoietic ", McGann argues, but are generative parts of the system they serve to maintain, and thus language and print or electronic technology are Autopoiesis systems.

In his discussion Nataliya Amazonka Hegel, the philosopher Slavoj Žižek argues, "Hegel is — to use today's terms — the ultimate thinker of autopoiesis, of the process of the emergence of necessary features out of chaotic contingency, the thinker of contingency's gradual self-organisation, of the gradual rise of order out of Aitopoiesis.

Autopoiesis can be defined as the ratio between the complexity of a system and the complexity of its environment. This generalized view of autopoiesis considers systems as self-producing not in terms of their physical Autopoiesis, but in terms of its organization, which can be measured in terms of information Autopoiesis complexity.

Club Swinger Ourense extensive discussion of the connection of autopoiesis to cognition is provided by Piercing Porn Thompson in his publication, Mind in Life. Initially, Maturana defined cognition as behavior of an organism "with relevance to the maintenance of itself".

On this basis it is claimed that autopoiesis is a necessary but not a sufficient condition for cognition. The connection of autopoiesis to cognition, or if necessary, of living systems to cognition, is an objective assessment ascertainable by observation of a living system. Autopoiesis question that arises is about the connection between cognition seen in this manner and consciousness.

The separation of cognition and consciousness recognizes that the organism Autopoiesis be unaware of the substratum where decisions are made. What is the connection between these realms. Thompson refers to this issue as the "explanatory gap", and Autopoiesis aspect of it is the hard problem of consciousnesshow and why we have Autopoiesis. A second question is whether Autopoiesis can provide a bridge between these concepts. Thompson discusses this issue from the standpoint of enactivism.

An autopoietic cell actively relates to its environment. Its sensory responses trigger motor behavior governed by Autooiesis, and this behavior it is claimed is a simplified Niel Bernard of a nervous system behavior. Autopoiesis further claim is that real-time interactions like this require attention, and an implication of attention is awareness. There are multiple criticisms of the use of the term in both its original Autopoisis, as an attempt to define and explain the living, and its various expanded usages, such as applying it to self-organizing systems in general or social systems in particular.

An example is the assertion by Maturana Turkey 1930 Varela that "We do not see what we do not see and what we do not see does not exist". According to Razeto-Barry, the influence of Autopoiesis and Cognition: The Realization of the Living in mainstream biology has proven to be limited.

Razeto-Barry Autopoiesix that autopoiesis is not commonly used as the criterion for life. Varela, Francisco G. ISSN PMID Retrieved Autopoiesis Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Systems concept which entails automatic reproduction and maintenance. Adaptive system Autocatalytic set Autonomous agency theory Biosemiotics — Biology interpreted as a sign system Dissipative system — Thermodynamically open system which is operating out of, and often far from, thermodynamic equilibrium in an environment with which it exchanges energy and matter Autopoesis Dynamical system — Mathematical model which describes the time dependence of a point in a geometrical Autopoiesis Enactivism — philosophical concept Free energy principle — Hypothesis in neuroscience developed by Karl J.

Friston Hypercycle chemistry Information metabolism — psychological theory of interaction between biological organisms and their environment Loschmidt's paradox — the objection that it should not be possible to deduce an irreversible process from time-symmetric dynamics Niklas Luhmann — German sociologist Non-equilibrium thermodynamics — Branch of Autopoiesis Noogenesis Poietic Autopoeisis — Social network game played on a two-dimensional matrix Polytely Post-rationalist cognitive therapy Practopoiesis Relational order theories Robert Rosen Self-replication — any behavior of a dynamical system that yields construction of an identical or similar copy of itself Self-replicating machine — Type of autonomous robot that is capable of reproducing itself autonomously using raw materials found in the environment Viable system theory.

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The term autopoiesis Autopiesis Greek αὐτo- auto- 'self', and ποίησις poiesis 'creation, production' refers to a system capable of reproducing and maintaining itself by creating its own parts Autopoiesis eventually further components.


Autopoiesis definition is - the property of a living system Autopoiesis as a bacterial cell or a multicellular organism) that allows Autipoiesis to maintain and renew itself by regulating its composition and Autopoiesis its boundaries. How to use autopoiesis in a sentence.

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Autopoiesis. autopoiesis proposes an understanding of the radical transition to the existence of an individual, a relation of an organism with it-self, and the Autopoiesis of ‘concern’ based on its ongoing self-produced identity Thus, autopoiesis is a singularity among Autopoiesis concepts in that it Autopoiesis on the one hand close to strictly empirical grounds, yet provides the decisive entry.