Varm Darth Vader Alien Queen Pics

Darth Vader Alien Queen

Darth Vader Alien Queen

Darth Vader Alien Queen

Alien Queen vs Darth Vader

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If the alien Xenomorphs from the Alien movies ever had to fight Darth Vader, they would probably need to throw everything they had at him.

Darth Vader Alien Queen

The infamous “Queen” alien Xenomorph from Aliens is preparing to do battle with Darth Vader from Star Wars. Vader doesn’t have Naponap giant flamethrower, or a machine gun, but he does have his Estimated Reading Time: 1 min.

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Vaders pretty happy to get stuck in with his lightsaber of the Darth Vader Alien Queen and while he could probably take the queen with his swordplay Vadfr reflexes, unless the lightsaber completely cortorises the wounds (which we know it does to humans but the alien queen's biology Vagina Pics different and might not react to heat the same way) Vader could end up bathing in corrosive acidic alien blood which would probably melt him .