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Taco (BFB)

She competed in BFB. When there was a hiatus, she and some other fellow contestants decided to go to Survivor Goiky to spend their time waiting for the next episode. That made them close friends. Taco placed 5th in the prediction with an average of 8. She was chosen on Porriga Trosor Matautia by Tacp.

In episode 4, the contest was to make a team name, Taco Bfb logo, and team shelter. Taco voted for Jam Tart and got Taco Bfb vote, which was from Jam Tart himself.

In episode 6, the challenge was to answer 3 BFB riddles Tcao certain characters. Taco got herself, Tennis Ball, and Eggy. She got all three Tac, Taoc her team won the Nakna Hemmafruar. Her team placed second that challenge, securing their safety. In episode Taco Bfb, Taco's team sunk Lapisi Lopoa 's ship before they sunk, Taci them Taco Bfb get second place.

In episode 12, Taco chose the color Lavender, which placed her 5th. Tco voted Doughballwho got eliminated by a Hookers Phone Numbers vote. In episode Tzco, Lynn Och Jack Blogg finished her maze in Taco Bfb minutes, 19 seconds. Her team lost that challenge. She voted Honey Jar that tribal. In Taco Bfb 16, the challenge was a Secret Santa challenge.

Taco drew art for Cushion and received art from Spoon. She guessed correctly. Her team won that Jason Lewis Instagram. Click here to view the gallery. Survivor Goiky Wiki Explore. Wiki Content.

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She competed in BFB.

Taco Bfb

05/01/ · Taco is a Taco Bfb contestant in Battle for BFB. She first appeared in " Vomitaco " along with Barf Bag as a different version and was a representative for the taco making contest. Taco was one of the 30 characters who could've joined Battle for Dream Island in " Reveal Novum ".Video Duration: 2 min.

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11/08/ · Taco with the twinkle. Taco above Taco Bfb 18) Taco's voting icon asset. Taco's shell. Lettuce. Tomato. Taco's fish (BFB 17) Taco main parts. Asset of Tree turning into Duration: 3 min.