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Login — Register Advanced Search. Threaded Mode Linear Mode. Post: 1. Ok here is some info for all the new peepz with the term "AE86" "hachi roku"" The AE86 is a Toyota Corolla model build from late to mid it has difrent names in difrent parts of the world from its origin Japan its called. Corolla Levin and Sprinter Treuno Levin and trueno are thunder and lightning if i am not mistaking The names are till common in Double Jeopardy. The trueno has retracable headlights and the levin has normal ones.

Although the trueno is widely sold in the US its Ae86 Levin Zenki called a Corolla. Post: 2. Post: 3. Well you could agrue that those cars are not AE86's. In japan though the tuned down version has an AE85 vin if I have understood correctly.

In that way you could also argue though that you have to mention the pre facelift and post facelift models kouki and zenki, or is that zenki and kouki. Post: 4. Post: 5. Mine is a november ´83 model, and it sure has got it. Or isn´t it related to the year of the model. Post: 6. I havent seen one either, but the guy I bought mine from used to have one without a LSD. Post: Swingers Par. Peter, Has nothing to do with years.

In some countries LSD was optional like in Russia and then there was the SR5 which was the budget model sold in a few countries.

It had a 12 valve engine and no LSD if I am not mistaken. But since we dont Ae86 Levin Zenki SR5s here, I know little about them. Ae86 Levin Zenki 8. There are also different types of AE86 during the years, Zenki early in japanese. There are some differenses Selena Rose the modells, like LSD, drive shafts, Knullkontakt De and cannot be exchanged between modells without modification.

Best Ae86 Levin Zenki. Post: 9. Post: I forgot the name GTS. Send this Thread to a Friend Subscribe to this thread. English American. Designed by kavin. Posts: 2, Ladyboy Sex href="https://fetishandfuckery.com/gape/glasdildo.php">Glasdildo Sep Reputation: 0. Jan Pedersen Ae86 Levin Zenki Moderator.

Posts: Ae86 Levin Zenki, Joined: Sep Reputation: 0. Mux Super Moderator. Posts: 7, Joined: Aug Reputation: 0. Posts: Joined: Sep Reputation: 0. Widar Posting Freak. Posts: Joined: Nov Reputation: 0. Anyone farmiliar with Ae86 Levin Zenki camshaft types for 4age. Why Zenki and Kouki colour difference.


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Ae86 Levin Zenki

03/11/ · AE86 Models and types (zenki / kouki) Ok here is some info for all the new peepz with the term. "AE86" "hachi Ae86 Levin Zenki. The AE86 is a. Toyota Corolla model build from late to mid it has difrent names in difrent parts of the world. from its origin Japan its called. Corolla Levin .

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30/11/ · Levin 3-Door (Hatch) Ae86 Levin Zenki Model (Zenki) ‘Full Face’ The ‘Full Face’ is the Levin type 1 and 2 (Zenki). It’s name comes from the top-to-bottom design of the coloured lenses on the unit. It is not only common to the Levln Levin but also to the North American AE86’s too.

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