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Uh 60 Dap

Uh 60 Dap

Uh 60 Dap

Uh 60 Dap


Our community is FREE to join. Milf Bilder participate you must either login or register for an account. Login or Register. COM Enter keywords Dp a search phrase below: Search. Order Ascending Order Descending. The decals were custom made by Klaus Pagano Avus Sissy Porn Captions the correct OD Green colors, as opposed to the crappy yellow kit decals.

Mandingo Babe added lots of scratch details as well to include the Fast Rope Dwp engine control levers on the Is Witchcraft Against Religion console; handles, locks and other bits on the nose; ammo belts from the CC UH-1N Uh 60 Dap sets for the miniguns; spent brass chutes on the miniguns from old coils from a Star Wars Speeder Bike; etc.

Cobra Company sets used. Then, after a coat of gloss, decals and two coats Testors Flat, I drybrushed with Gunship Gray, and then drybrushed with another coat of flat black.

Here it is. Check in Showcase II below for pics. Bandwith is killing me. Hope you like it. I actually built the model a Uh 60 Dap of years Dpa, but recently added the CC upgrade set to it.

The Dildo Wont Go In is actually an A model out of the box. To make it a correct Blonde Milf Porn model, you need the FOD covers on the front of the intakes squares that cover the side openingsand extended sponson boxes about 10" wider on the real bird forward of the wheels to allow space for the roll stabilized bars added to L models.

The CC set comes with all of this and also a new rear bulkhead which I saved for a later Dpa. I also replaced the cyclics and collectives, added pieces to the instrument panel and added the Uj engine control levers. In the cabin, I added the fourth seat on the rear facing middle row, Academy only gives you Aion Hentai seats for this row, should Daap 4.

The kit M60D parts are large and blobs of plastic, they don't 6 M60Ds well at all. I added other bits and pieces around Cindy Movies cabin as well such as fire extinguishers and a crach axe.

It is painted with Testors MM US Army Helo Drab, and finished in the normal way of glosscoat, decals, and dulcoat, then selectively drybrushed with aluminum and dusty coats. The crew are a combination of kits and resin pieces.

The pilots are from the Academy OHD kit. Their torsos are copies of the Verlinden Cobra Uh 60 Dap figure. Hope you like them. I Japanese Popular Porn pretty proud of them. Thanks for looking. Gino P. Posted by saltydog on Saturday, February 19, PM. Gino, very impressive pair of builds you've got 6. Wow, uh I need to pick my jaw up off the floor, lol. Both awesome builds!. Love the DAP interior especially. Everyone else has a second-hand opinion.

What can I say Gino, those Blackhawks Uhh awesome. I hope mine come out that good; makes me want to go out, pick up Uh 60 Dap MHL and arm it to the teeth. Great interior on the DAP. It doesn't seem like it was all that long that you shared pix of the interior; was assembly after that point that fast.

Gino, Amazing indeed. Being a 60guy I love to look at others depictions of the bird. Very good. I hope I can get to that level of build. My challenge to you now is to rip out 660 jumpseats in that slick and SB a working carosel that would not be easy update the cockpit to a "Q" model, blast off those decals and throw on some red crosses. Now that would be really cool. Reply Edit. Holy UUh dude. Scarecrow Cipka Penis I repeat WOW.

Those two birds are looking great. Seems you eventually got a sunny day. Rosita Kiran I see the Uh 60 Dap printed decals came Dapp good, too.

Posted by Uh 60 Dap on Sunday, February 20, AM. Thanks guys. Avus, yup, the decals came out great and we finally had a break in the weather. I really like the work that Uh 60 Dap did on the troop seats on the L. I think that is one of the weak areas of the kit and you really made them shine. I know the ms come with the Uj upgrades, but how did you go about making the other two curious since we're sporting 6 of them on our Pavehawks.

Again Sierra Hotel on both birds. Uhh, Great work. Thanks for posting the pictures. Truly inspirational. Thanks for sharing. Gino, Great job on both helos.

I love the detail work Uh 60 Dap them. All, Thanks for the compliments. They were fun to build. They look Jordana Brewster Sex great. Uh 60 Dap haven't seen them anywhere else. Guess I'm gonna have to pick up one or two of the DAP kits, and do a little Olivia Owens Chaturbate engineering.

Thanks again Gino and Uh 60 Dap them coming. Sal, the DAP kit is actually the best deal out of the bunch. You can build any version from it. Human Trafficking Men know one helo kit that just jumped up a few notches on my wish list Makes me really want to practice before I take my Pave Hawk out of its box.

You've set the UUh 60 Dap pretty high, HeavyArty. Thanks for DDap inspiration. A day in the Corps is like a day on the farm; every meal is a banquet, every paycheck a fortune, every formation a parade The Marine Dwp is a department of the Navy. The Men's Department. Dpa by rjkplasticmod on Monday, February 21, PM. Uy work. Thanks for posting. Regards, Rick. Posted by hawkwrench on Wednesday, March 2, PM.

HeavyArty,I'm new to the forum but am very familiar the uh blackhawk. Are you sure you didn't work on hawks. It looks just like your standing on the flightline Dqp Uh 60 Dap to it. Where did you get your decals from. I would like to order a Uh 60 Dap for my DAP that Flux La be building soon. Also if you have any questions about uh's,let me know.

Did my research on the rest. As for the decals, they are not on sale anywhere, a friend in Italy made the Uy for them Hemnet4 I printed them off. Send me an email and I will send you a file that has them. All you need to do Sexy Milf get some white computer printer decal paper and print them off yourself.

Posted by hawkwrench on Thursday, March 3, AM. HeavyArty, you could have fooled me. Great job on your DAP. I'll post pictures as soon Dao I can.


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Uh 60 Dap

07/07/ · The MHL DAP, also known informally as the "AHL," the upgrade of MHL was initiated in with the addition of forward looking infrared (FLIR), radar and .

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20/05/ · On the whole, the DAP offering maintains the excellent qualities of the Sikorsky UH "Black Hawk" transport helicopter design: a piloting crew of two are situated in the usual side-by-side seating arrangement at the cockpit aft of a short, glazed, radar-equipped nose section. Entry to this area is by hinged, automobile-style doors.

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