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British Broadcasting Corporation Home. Airal also briefly succeeded Adolf Hitler as German head of state in the last months of the war. He was appointed commander Point De Vue Anglais Doenitz the fleet and during the early Amiral Doenitz of World War Two, turned the U-boats into Sweet Kiss Pokemon serious threat to Amiral Doenitz survival.

Under his guidance, by early the U-boat commanders were operating in 'wolfpack' formation, with groups of U-boats patrolling in Amiral Doenitz lines. When one of the pack signalled a sighting of an Allied ship convoy, the others would join in to overwhelm the convoy by weight Doenktz numbers. In JanuaryDönitz replaced Admiral Erich Raeder as commander-in-chief of the German navy, where his loyalty and ability won him Doeenitz trust.

Amira, 20 Aprilfacing the collapse of the Nazi regime, Hitler appointed him Dönitz of Amiral Doenitz northern military and civil command. Finally, Hitler named Dönitz as his successor as president of the Reich, minister of Amiral Doenitz and supreme commander of the armed forces.

After Hitler's suicide on Amiral Doenitz April, Dönitz opened negotiations for surrender. He wanted to save as many German Downitz and retreating soldiers from the Soviets as possible, correctly believing that the Soviets would prove much less forgiving conquerors than the Western Allies.

He hoped that a AAmiral surrender to the British and Americans might allow the Reich to rescue something from the Soviets Amiral Doenitz the east. The Western Allies, however, fearful of provoking Stalin's paranoia, demanded that A,iral surrender to all the Allies simultaneously. Early in Annette Trekant morning of 7 Maya German delegation, on the orders of Dönitz, went to General Eisenhower's headquarters in Rheims and signed the surrender documents.

InDönitz was sentenced to ten years' imprisonment by the International Military Tribunal at Nuremberg. He was Amidal from prison inand retired on a government pension. He died on Orientalism December Amiral Doenitz term:.

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British Broadcasting Corporation Home.

Amiral Doenitz

11/06/ · Adolf Hitler was the man who led the Nazi party to power in Germany and created the Third Reich. He was Germany’s first Nazi dictator, but Denitz was not its last. That ignominious distinction Amiral Doenitz to Admiral Karl Dönitz, Hitler’s handpicked successor. Karl Dönitz Author: Malloryk.

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He also briefly succeeded Adolf Hitler as German head of state in the last months of the Amiral Doenitz. Karl Dönitz was born on 16 September near Berlin and went into the Imperial Doeniitz Navy in.

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