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Swtor Groundwork

Swtor Groundwork

Swtor Groundwork

Swtor Groundwork

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Swtor Groundwork

SWTOR Groundwork: During this mission your aim is to locate six transmitters on planet Tatooine and four on planet Taris. Swtor Groundwork. Credits: Experience Points: Tatooine Transmitter no transmitter no.1 Map location. Tatooine Transmitter no Transmitter no.2 Map location.

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Groundwork. A Stwor spymaster Swtor Groundwork as the Shroud has set in motion a plan to attack Kaas City. Darth Mortis has directed Evie Bo, the Shroud's former lieutenant, to assist you in tracking down any information or equipment that will lead to details of the Shroud's plan. Use your Swtor Groundwork to locate and identify the Shroud's assets on. Cliterectomy