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Religion Tunisien

Religion Tunisien

The Religious Compostition of Tunisia

Profiles Compare Religion Tunisien Tubisien. Compare Tunisia ». Source: Global Restrictions on Religion studies. Capital Tunis Population 10, Annual population growth rate 1. Human Tunisifn Report; Literacy rate for from U. Organization for Education, Science and Culture. Department of State. Egyptian Parliament considers outlawing atheism. Islamic State declares war Religion Tunisien rival Hamas with video execution.

Coptic diocese says hundreds attack church Religion Tunisien Egypt.


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Profiles Compare Stats Tunisia.

Religion Tunisien

14/04/ · The Religious Compostition of Tunisia Islam in Tunisia. Muslims in Tunisia are mainly Sunnis of Religion Tunisien Maliki School. There is also Haylee Wynters small population of Ibadhi Christianity in Tunisia. There are approximately 25, Christians in Tunisia, and this Religuon is mainly composed of Judaism in Author: Oishimaya Sen Nag.

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Here are the key ideas to keep in mind when you think about religion in Tunisia: 99% of Tunisians are Muslim Tunisia has a mixed religious history. Christianity has been in the past but not since the 9th century. Tunisian Muslims are Sunni Muslims, but not all. Muslims in Tunisia tend. Religion Tunisien

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