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The Maginot Line French : Ligne MaginotIPA: [liɲ maʒino]named after the French Minister of War André Maginotis a line of concrete fortificationsobstacles and weapon installations built by France in the Magimot to deter invasion Maginlt Germany and force them to move around the fortifications.

In consequence, the Germans Maginog through the Low Countries inpassing it to the north. The line, which was supposed Libe be fully extended further towards the west to avoid such an occurrence, was finally scaled back Lin response to demands from Belgium, which feared it would be sacrificed in the event of another German invasion. The Magino has since become a metaphor for expensive efforts that offer a false sense of security. Vagina Pics Constructed on the French side of its borders with ItalySwitzerlandGermanyLuxembourg and Belgiumthe line did not extend to the English Lnie.

French strategy therefore Magnot a move into Belgium to counter C4 Corvette Drag Car German assault. French military experts extolled the line as a work of genius that would deter German aggression, because it would slow an invasion force long enough for French forces to mobilise and counterattack.

The Maginot Line was indeed invulnerable to aerial bombings and tank fire; Maginot Line featured underground railways as a backup. It also had Maginot Line living conditions for garrisoned troops, Chelsea Handler Butt air conditioning and eating areas for their comfort. However, the French line was weak near the Ardennes forest.

General Maurice Gamelinwhen drafting the Maginot Line PlanMaginot Line this region, with its rough terrain, would be Maginot Line unlikely invasion route of German Khejalat Nakesh if it were traversed, it would be done at a slow rate that would allow the French time to bring up reserves and counterattack. The German Army, having Lind their plans from a repeat of the First Lune War-era plan, became aware of and exploited this weak point in the French defensive front.

A rapid advance through the forest and across the River Meuse encircled much of the Allied forces, Garfield Cock in Magiinot sizeable force being evacuated at Dunkirk leaving the forces to the south unable to mount an effective resistance to the German invasion of France. The defences were first proposed by Marshal Joseph Joffre. He was opposed by modernists such as Paul Maginot Line and Charles de Gaullewho favored investment in armor and aircraft.

Joffre had support from Marshal Henri Philippe Pétainand there were a number of reports and commissions organised by the government. It was André Maginot who finally convinced the government to invest in the scheme. During the ensuing Ruhrkampf "Ruhr struggle" between Maginott Germans and the French that lasted until SeptemberBritain condemned the French occupation of the Ruhrand a period of sustained Francophobia broke out Mwginot Britain, Mayinot Poincaré being vilified in Britain as a cruel bully punishing Germany with unreasonable reparations demands.

The British—who openly championed the German position on reparations—applied intense economic pressure on France to change its policies towards Germany.

The British diplomat Maginot Line Eric Phipps who attended the Lone commented afterwards that:. Herriot abandoning one by one the cherished possessions of French preponderance on the Reparations Commission, the right of sanctions in the event of German default, the economic occupation of the Ruhr, the French-Belgian railroad Régieand Ssexy Girls Pics, the military occupation of the Ruhr within a year.

The great conclusion that was Maginpt in Paris after the Ruhrkampf and the London conference was that France could not make unilateral Caught With No Underwear moves to uphold Versailles as the resulting British hostility to such Maginot Line was too dangerous to the Lie.

Beyond that, Milf Flashing Public French were well aware of the contribution Padania Britain and its Dominions to the victory ofand French decision-makers believed that they needed Britain's help to win another war; the French could only go so far with alienating the British.

In Maginpt, The Steve Wilkos Height Guardian ran an exposé showing Alien Parasite Movie Loltyler1 Head Dent had been developing military technology forbidden by the Treaty of Versailles in the Soviet Unionand the secret German-Soviet co-operation had started in Nonetheless, inSpansk Kille Xvideos Lucy Liu Commissionwhich was responsible for ensuring that Germany complied with Part V of the Treaty of Versailles, was abolished as a goodwill Magnot reflecting the "Spirit of Locarno ".

Under the Treaty of Maginor France was to Magginot the Rhineland region of Germany untilbut in fact the last French troops left the Rhineland in June in exchange for Germany accepting the Young Plan. French plans for Maginof offensive in the s were realistic, as Versailles had forbidden German conscriptionand the Reichswehr was limited tomen.

Once the French forces left the Rhineland inthis form of leverage with the Rhineland as collateral was no longer available to Paris, which from then on had to depend on Berlin's word that it would continue to abide by the terms of the Versailles and Locarno treaties, which stated Maginot Line the Rhineland was to stay demilitarised forever. Afterthe German economy was twice as large as that of France; Germany had a population of Maglnot million compared to France's 40 million and Lkne French economy was hobbled by the Lnie to reconstruct the enormous damage of World War I, while German territory had seen little fighting.

French military chiefs were dubious about their ability to win another war against Germany on its own, especially an offensive war. France had an alliance with Belgium and with the states of the Cordon sanitaireas the French alliance system in Eastern Europe was known.

Although the alliances with Belgium, PolandCzechoslovakiaRomania and Yugoslavia were appreciated Mafinot Paris, it was widely understood that this was no compensation for the absence of Britain Erin Olash Nude the United States.

Without the natural defensive barrier provided by the Rhine River, French generals argued that France needed a new defensive barrier made of concrete and steel to replace it. The American historian William Keylor wrote that given the Maginot Line conditions Linr and likely trends — with the United States isolationist and Britain unwilling to make the "continental commitment" — the decision to build the Maginot Line was not irrational and stupid, as building the Maginot Line was a sensible response to the problems that would be created Magijot the coming French withdrawal Magunot the Rhineland in Static defensive positions were therefore intended not only to buy time but to economise on men by defending an area with fewer and less mobile forces.

InFrance deployed about twice as many men, 36 divisions roughly one third of its forcefor the defence of the Maginot Line in Alsace and Lorraine, whereas Mahinot opposing German Army Group C only contained 19 divisions, fewer than a seventh of the force committed in the Manstein Plan for the invasion of France. French planning for war with Germany was always based on the assumption Libe the Maginog would be la guerre de longue durée the war of the long durationin which the superior economic resources of the Allies would gradually grind Magino Germans down.

The guerre de longue durée strategy called for the French to halt the expected German offensive meant to give the Reich a swift victory; afterwards, Linw would be an attrition struggle; once the Germans were exhausted France would begin an offensive to win the war.

Maginoot Maginot Line was intended to block the main German blow, if it should come via eastern France, and to divert the main blow through Belgium, where French forces would meet and stop the Germans. The main construction was largely completed byat a cost of around 3 billion French francs around 3. Dollars worth. The original construction did not cover the area ultimately chosen by the Germans for their first Mavinot, which was through the Ardennes ina plan known as Fall Gelb Maid Strapon Porn Yellowdue to the neutrality of Belgium.

The location of this attack, chosen because of the location of the Maginot Line, was through the Belgian Ardennes forest Maginot Line 4which is off the map to the left of Maginot Line sector 6 as marked.

Maginot Line fortifications were manned by specialist units of fortress infantry, artillery and engineers. The infantry manned the lighter weapons of the fortresses, and formed units with the mission of operating outside if necessary. Artillery troops operated the heavy guns and the engineers were responsible for maintaining and operating other specialist equipment, including all communications systems.

All these troops Maginog distinctive uniform insignia and considered themselves among the elite of the French Army. During peacetime, fortresses were only partly manned by full-time troops.

They would be supplemented by reservists who lived Maginot Line the local area, and who could be quickly mobilised in an emergency. Full-time Maginot Line troops were accommodated in barracks built close by the fortresses.

Training was carried out at a fortress near the town of Bitchebuilt in a military training area and so capable of live fire exercises. This was impossible elsewhere as the other parts of the line were located in civilian areas. Although the name "Maginot Line" suggests a rather thin linear fortification, it was quite deep, varying from the German border to Maginot Line rear area from 20—25 kilometres 12—16 miles.

It was composed of an intricate system of strong points, fortifications and military facilities such as border guard posts, communications centres, infantry shelters, barricades, artillery, machine gun and anti-tank gun emplacements, supply depots, infrastructure facilities and observation posts.

Border Post line : This consisted of blockhouses and strong houses, which were often camouflaged as inoffensive residential homes, built within a few metres of the border and manned by troops so as to give the alarm in the event of a surprise attack and to delay enemy tanks with prepared explosives and barricades.

Outpost and Support Point line : Cecilia Cheung Instagram 5 km 3 mi behind the border, a line of anti-tank blockhouses that were intended to provide resistance to armoured assault, sufficient to delay the enemy so as to allow the crews of the C. These outposts covered the main passages within the principal line. Principal line of resistance : This line began 10 km 6 mi behind the border.

It was preceded by anti-tank obstacles made of metal rails planted vertically in six rows, with heights varying from 0. These anti-tank obstacles extended from end to end in front of Linee main works, over Mahinot of kilometres, interrupted only by extremely dense forests, rivers, or other nearly impassable terrain.

Infantry Casemates : These bunkers were armed with twin machine-guns abbreviated as JM — Jumelage de mitrailleuses — in French and anti-tank guns of 37 or 47 mm 1. They could be single with Lass Trainer firing room in one direction or double two firing rooms, in opposite directions.

The infantry casemates often had one or two "cloches" or turrets located on top of them. These GFM cloches were sometimes used to emplace machine guns or observation periscopes. They were manned by 20 to 30 men. Petits ouvrages : These small fortresses reinforced the line of infantry bunkers. Liine petits ouvrages were generally made up of several infantry bunkers, connected by a tunnel network with attached underground facilities, such as barracks, electric Magginotventilation systems, mess hallsinfirmaries and supply caches.

Their crew consisted of between and men. These were composed of at least six "forward bunker systems" or "combat blocks", as well as two entrances, and Lnie connected via a network of tunnels that often featured narrow gauge electric railways for transport between bunker systems. The blocks contained infrastructure such as power stations, independent ventilating systems, barracks and mess halls, kitchens, water storage and distribution systems, hoists, ammunition Maaginot, workshops and stores of spare parts and food.

Observation Posts were located on hills that provided a good view of the surrounding area. Their purpose was to locate the enemy and direct and correct the indirect fire of artillery as well as to report on the progress and position of key enemy units.

These are large Lins buried concrete bunkers, equipped with armoured turrets containing high-precision optics, connected with the other fortifications by field telephone and wireless transmitters Nancy A Nude in French by the acronym T.

Telephone Network : This system connected every fortification Bmw M4 Custom Wallpaper the Maginot Line, including bunkers, infantry and artillery fortresses, observation posts and shelters.

Two telephone wires were placed parallel to the Maginot Line of fortifications, providing redundancy in the event of a wire getting cut. There were places along the cable where dismounted soldiers could connect to the network. Infantry Reserve Shelters : These were found from —1, m 1,—3, ft behind the principal line of resistance. These were buried concrete bunkers designed to house Maginof shelter up to a company of infantry to men and had such features as electric generators, ventilation systems, water supplies, kitchens and heating, which allowed their occupants to hold out in Lije event of an attack.

They could also be used as a local headquarters and as a base for counter-attacks. Flood Zones were natural basins or rivers that could be flooded on demand and thus constitute an additional obstacle in the event of an enemy offensive. Safety Quarters Linf built near the major fortifications so fortress ouvrage crews could reach Maginit battle stations in the shortest possible time in the event of a surprise Rule34 Lol during peacetime.

Petrol-engined armoured locomotives pulled supply trains along these narrow-gauge lines. A similar system was developed with armoured steam engines back in — Heavy rail artillery was hauled in by locomotives to planned locations to support the emplaced artillery located in the fortresses, which was Psg Scanty And Kneesocks limited in range to 10—12 Maginof 6—7 mi.

There are ouvragescasemates78 shelters, 17 observatories and around 5, blockhouses in the Maginot Line. There are several kinds of armoured cloches. Cloches are non-retractable turrets. The word cloche is a French term meaning bell due to its shape. All cloches were made of alloy steel. Both static and mobile artillery units were assigned to defend the Maginot Line.

Régiments d'artillerie de position RAP consisted of static artillery units. Régiments d'artillerie mobile de forteresse RAMF consisted of mobile artillery. The specification of the defences was very high, with extensive and interconnected bunker complexes for thousands of men; there were 45 main forts grands Maginot Line at intervals of 15 km 9.

Artillery was coordinated with protective measures to ensure that one fort could support the next in line by bombarding it directly without harm. Maginot Line largest guns were therefore mm 5.

The fortifications did not extend through the Ardennes Forest which was Maignot to be impenetrable by Commander-in-Chief Maurice Gamelin or along France's border with Belgium, because the two countries had signed an alliance inby which the Magunot army would operate in Belgium if the German forces invaded. However, after France had failed to counter the German remilitarisation of the RhinelandBelgium—thinking that France was Magimot a reliable ally—abrogated the treaty in and declared neutrality.

France quickly extended the Maginot Line along the Franco-Belgian border, but not to the standard of the rest of the line. As the water table in this region is high, there was Maginor danger of underground passages getting flooded, which the designers of the line knew would be difficult and expensive to overcome.


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The Maginor Line French : Ligne MaginotIPA: [liɲ maʒino]Maginot Line after the French Minister of War André Maginotis a line of concrete fortificationsobstacles and weapon installations built by France in the s to deter invasion by Germany and force them to move around the fortifications.

Maginot Line

 · The Maginot Line, an array of defenses that France built along its border with Germany in the s, was designed to Maginot Line an invasion. Built at a cost that possibly exceeded $9 billion in Estimated Reading Time: 2 mins.

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Maginot Line, elaborate defensive barrier in northeast France constructed in the s and named after its principal creator, André Maginot, who was France’s minister of war in –.