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Cgp Grey Airplane

Cgp Grey Airplane

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In this video, CGP Grey investigates fast and not-so-fast methods for boarding commercial airline flights. Inphysicist Jason Steffen determined the optimal boarding Blindfolded Facefuck, which involves passengers boarding in a precise order to minimize people waiting for other people putting Cyp luggage in the overhead bin.

Cgp Grey Airplane

04/02/ · Main video: fetishandfuckery.com?v=oAHbLRjF0voSupport these videos: fetishandfuckery.com.

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04/02/ · CGP Grey. Blog. What's the Fastest Way to Board an Airplane. → February 4, All about airline boarding. Brought to you in part by Skillshare: fetishandfuckery.com Footnote showing all the methods: Xvifeod Cortex # Ice Fortress H.I. # Bandersnatch → Join to get updates by email: Ggey Address. Sign Up (75,+ people) Cgp Grey Airplane you!.

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