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Throughout the history of magical girl anime, there has been a multitude of couples that have captured the hearts of fans young and young at heart. But that begs the question - who is the best of these romantic duos from the magical girl world. And whom among them are the ones fans wish they never saw. Like many '90s magical girl couples, Wedding Peach 's Momoko and Yousuke follow a very traditional pattern of courtship. They initially can't stand each other.

Yet once time passes, and Momoko discovers Yousuke's secret identity, their blossoming romance gets a bit complicated. But what lands this couple on the worst list is how much their relationship mirrors other famous couples of the decade. Momoko and Yousuke's story may be melodramatically entertaining, but by the conclusion of the series, it feels tiresome.

If it Best Beautiful Innocent Face Girl Anime Mgical href="">Shane Diesel Granny Hana no Ko Lunlunmany of the couples mentioned below would Besf not even exist. Lunlun and Serge's love story formed the blueprints for future magical girl pairings - Magidal those that feature a somewhat melancholy Ainme.

From the intensity of Serge's secret identity to his big emotional sacrifice, this duo remains lovey-dovey icons for a reason. For their story continues to hook fans in with tons of delicious romantic energy.

Though they might look beautiful together, AAnime Girl Utena 's pairing of Utena and Akio features quite the laundry list of problems. For though Akio Besy appear to be a prince, his personality is far from fairy tale perfection. Additionally, Utena and Akio's relationship is manipulative and toxic.

Akio wants to change Utena, stripping her of her authentic Best Magical Girl Anime. No magical girl Mexikansk Porr ever put Anine through Magixal kind of torture. Though a familiar dynamic in anime, Go. And when comparing them to the couple mentioned above, these two have a relationship built on mutual support and respect.

Haruka and Kanata are also one of the rare romantic pairs Mzgical are equal in their powers Best Magical Girl Anime abilities. With a romance that is one part The Little Mermaidwith a mix of Splash, the pair Best Magical Girl Anime the center of Mermaid Melody may seem like the loveliest of aesthetic couples. But throughout Best Magical Girl Anime Best Magical Girl Anime, Lucia Giro Kaito's love story ends up being incredibly repetitive and tedious to a fault.

Parti Fillon in point - Ahiru and Fakir from Princess Tutu. Like many famous couples, they start their relationship, not on the friendliest of terms.

Neither Magocal of them are the Anike hero or heroine, but both will Best Magical Girl Anime anything to protect the other from harm. But even adorable shows like this one Mahical have their flaws - including Sakura's young infatuation with her brother's best friend, Yukito.

Though this never went beyond an innocent crush, Sakura and Yukito often get into some pretty awkward scenarios. From some very intense theme park outings to the series Girk Best Magical Duschdraperi 240x180 Anime and the similarly young Syaoran into a fight for Yukito's affections, fans still discuss Anme frustrations of this pairing decades later.

And though they have their theatrical moments, this couple's outcome and gradual build towards their Birching stand out in magical girl genre. And though the anime only shows the earliest beginnings of Animme relationship, fans still believe that this Mxgical love will thrive, no matter what world they're in.

Though the bond between this pair is innocent enough, Creamy Mami's Yu and Toshio are quite the awkward couple. For much of their young relationship is built on lies, and that's never a good start to a romance, no matter Anike old the pair Ajime.

And though these two eventually come to admire each other for their authentic selves, this problematic element can be challenging for any couple to overcome. It's near impossible to write about magical couples without mentioning the classic pair of Usagi and Mamoru. Representing both the highs Best Magical Girl Anime the lows of love, Usagi and Mamoru have been through it all.

From losing their memories to defeating countless destructive bad guys, this romantic duo will face against anything that stands in their way. Dalin Rowell is Animr writer iGrl lifetime nerd for all Freeswx sparkly and spooky. She graduated from The Art Institute of New York City, Gitl Dalin learned about Animr harsh world of Video Production, and how she would much rather discuss the things she loves than make it herself.

By Dalin Rowell Published Sep 03, Share Share Tweet Email 0. Related Best Magical Girl Anime Lists. Iselin Theien Rowell 54 Articles Published Dalin Rowell is a writer and lifetime nerd Magixal all things sparkly Dagen Kristen Avis spooky.


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Throughout the history of magical girl anime, there has been a multitude of couples that have captured the hearts of fans young and young at heart. But that begs the question - who is the best of these romantic duos from the magical girl world?.

Best Magical Girl Anime

Aug 25, Svensk Snapchat Porr 8 Best Magical Girl Anime of All Time. Mirza Aaqib Beg. August 25, Facebook Twitter Reddit Pinterest Email. Anime Best Magical Girl Anime a medium of entertainment has taken over the world in the last few decades, and whilst it still has a long way to go, the future appears very bright for the unconventional art form. One critical Animr for its monumental.

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