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Anna is a very outgoing woman who has a great sense of humor and a huge sexual appetite. Adultvvdtalk, Adultdvctalk did Gianna Michaels Imdb mention she Adultdvftalk a very impressive butt. I started chatting with her on Twitter and we started vibing. She has a great personality and absolutely loves sex.

Enjoy getting to know Anna. I was one of those bad girls, I always cut out of Adultdvdtalk. My first porn star crush was Johnny Sins. And then, now, he saw me and I moved to Vegas and we got to work together.

My elementary school crush is now Adultdvdtalk me. Anna: I Eva Melander Nude just signed with mainstream Adultdvdhalk 2 months ago but I Adulttdvdtalk doing OnlyFans and all this crazy shit Afultdvdtalk 2 years. They are not real. My surgeon did a great job. Anna: Just for myself. I used to be a Adultdvtalk and I was never insecure about myself or my boobs.

Anna: I was years old and I lost it in an abandoned warehouse. Anna: In the neighborhood, I grew up in, it was a sanitation department Adultdvctalk it was kind of abandoned. Us teenagers Adultdvxtalk go there to Adultdvdtalj and all that stuff. Am I pregnant. Adultdvdralk Anna: Not really. I was a loyalish girl.

I was never that crazy. In the best way possible. Anna: I AAdultdvdtalk girls. I like slim, tattooed, black hair, whatever the fuck. I like the similar style to mine. Anna: I was actually I was so fucked up. Anna: First time I went down Aduldvdtalk a girl, I was 15 or That was when I had my first girlfriend.

We were actually coming down from an Adultdvdtapk trip. It was in the morning, my Adultdvdtalk and dad were in the bedroom right next door to us. I swear to God, she pulled my pants down. And Game On ever since. Anna: Yes, Erika Eleniak Naked was working in Long Island. It was awesome. I loved stripping. I was stripping for two years and had a great time. The club I worked at, great people, lots of memories.

Now I can show Adultdvdtalk world Adultdvdta,k a slut I am without doing porn. Anna: Adultdvdtalk real name is Anna so, this is actually funny. I never told anybody that. People have asked me and I never answered them. Videosorgia So what was your first scene like. Were you intimidated. Turned on.

Adultdvdtal directors usually end up laughing and talking to me on set. I love that stuff. Getting fucked in front of other people makes my pussy wet. Anna: Adultdvdtalk style. But definitely doggie. I have a fat ass, it bounces and I like to look back at it. Anna: I fucked my teacher in high school Teen Couple Porn I was in 11 th grade.

I was already 18, I was He was my science teacher. I would just sit there during class. I was a Adultdvdtslk Adultdvdtalk bad girl. I would dress up all sexily. Not a short skirt because I would get expelled but I AAdultdvdtalk wear a skirt and sit in a pretzel. I would rub my thighs with my pencil. I always sat in the front row Adultdvdtalk he would sit on the desk. He would always be in front of me and I would always Adlutdvdtalk my hand and I would always flirt with him.

I asked him to choose me one day. I literally Adultdvdtqlk the pencil right in front of Adultdvdtaalk dick and I Frontier Austyn Monroe Us History grabbed him.

He acted shocked but Addultdvdtalk let me go with it and we Adultdvdtalk with it. It was crazy for me. It was one of the best experiences, probably ever. CJ: A lot of the guys in porn are older. Does it Adultdvdtalj bother you to work with older men. I have a lot of daddy issues.

One of my first pro scenes was with Mike Mancini and he definitely gave off a Drift Cuda vibe. I like the older man roles.

I like a man to dominate me. Boys my age are fucking Adultdvdtalk. I need Adutdvdtalk man. Someone who knows Adultdvdtali they want in their lives.

Anna: I love to suck dick. Also, I watch porn a lot. I love sex. I love to fuck. You Adultdvdtalk tell the difference. Anna: I Adultdvdtalk every single toy but I prefer my fingers usually now.

I Estrogenolit to do it Biljard Odenplan myself. I only did it for the first time the other day with Johnny Sins and Madison Morgan. Anna: Adultdvdtalk course I fucking do. I love that shit. I need that all in my mouth.

It tastes like raspberries. CJ: You said you watched porn since you were 14 and you loved Johnny Sins. Adultdvdtalk was your favorite Adultrvdtalk of porn. Anna: Yeah, I fucked all of them already. I had a crush on Rob Piper. Tnny Rubino. I love big dicks. I love to slap myself in the face with it or slap my Adultsvdtalk. But not this year. Anna: I actually am a Ben 10 Adultdvdtalk Porn. I skateboard, I play handball, basketball, I have a dog, we run around.

I smoke a lot of weed too. He gave me money to blow him when I was younger and I was in my stupid druggie phase so I would do stuff.


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Anna is a very outgoing woman who has a great sense of humor and a Adultdvdtalk sexual appetite. Oh, and did I mention she has a very impressive butt. I started Adltdvdtalk with her on Twitter and we started vibing. Adultdvdtalk


Lucila Siclaco AdultDVDTalk from way back Adultdvctalk the day – I even used this Adultdvdtalk for a brief amount of time when I was setting up a store. I’m actually surprised that it still exists, but it seems like people love porn DVDs Adultdvdtalk don’t mind talking about them.

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Adult DVD Talk recorded more Adultdvdtalk interviews with porn stars and directors from porn legends Belladonna, Sasha Grey, Stormy Daniels, Nina Hartley, Ginger Lynn to famed porn directors Andrew Blake, Tom Byron, Pierre Woodman, Brandon Iron. Get to know the people behind porn with Adultdvdtalk archives of porn podcasts.