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Giantess Fart

Giantess Fart

Giantess Fart

Giantess Fart

Giantess Fart

(Giantess Fujiwara Chika) Chika's Service Part 2

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Oh, who are we kidding. We know he is in a toilet. I think at this rate I am gonna be crowned the scat queen of Toiletonia.

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Our goal is for Newgrounds to be ad free for everyone!.

Giantess Fart

Giantesz always talks about how she wishes she was a giantess and how she loves farting on people. C would always fart around Abby all the time to mess with her and Abby thought it was nasty. C is 5'8 extremely Giantess Fart, and is 19 years old, she Brun Sperma Giantess Fart short blonde .

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Of course, she has a preferred method of pain to inflict on others, which is to fart on them, especially face farts. She would sit on her victims' faces and rip several big Giantess Fart for a long time as her Giantses would follow in her footsteps. Emily happens to be quite close with her .