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Koumi Haruka

Koumi Haruka

Koumi Haruka

Koumi Haruka

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Rail Wars. Koumi Haruka. Haruka Uchida Maaya Rail Wars. Voiced by: Uchida Maaya One of the female main characters. A well-endowed girl with a sweet demeanor. While she is not very physically strong, she has a good memory and enjoys studying. Source: wiki. Browse Upload Subscribed Login Register. View Koumi Haruka Rail Wars. Images zerochan » Rail Wars. Browsing Options Katharine Mcphee Breasts Koumi Haruka Koumi Haruka in gallery.

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Rail Wars. Koumi Haruka.

Koumi Haruka

Haruka Koumi (小海 はるか, Kōmi Haruka) is the main character of Rail Wars. series. She is a friend of Naoto Takayama and a of the Fourth Peacekeeper Squad. 1 Appearance 2 Personality 3 Background 4 Chronology Volume 1 Koumi Haruka Relationships Naoto Takayama Aoi Epic Angel Pictures 6 Trivia 7 Gallery Koumi Haruka Other 8 References Haruka is a girl with pinkish hair that flows down Haryka.

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