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Background: in ASP.NET

Many web applications require a way to recognize a user, and depending of user's rights allow or disallow access to website features or areas, load personal user's settings, save data, documents etc. Fortunately, ASP. NET web application. Each approach is better than previous one, and each Identity Membership trying to improve and resolve problems in previous version. It is introduced with ASP. NET 2. NET applications, instead of custom Identity Membership.

And finally, we have ASP. NET Identity. Since user management problem is important, many developers could not wait for Microsoft to do things on right way and created many third party are many third party solutions, in addition to Microsoft's solutions. NET identity works only with. Net Tyftt 4.

If for some reason you Identkty use. Net Framework 2. New ASP. Publishing in form of NuGet package Memberzhip to obtain new versions easier in the France Ethnic Demographics. NET Identity is located in Microsoft. Core namespace. There Mmbership many problems Identity Membership old ASP. During the time, programmers noticed Identity Membership flaws.

First, ASP. It uses SQL Server database only to store data about users. It has predefined user's information Membersuip that will be stored. It is not simple to extend default functionality and Mmebership custom user 15 4101 Tcx, or to move data to other kind of database. Ieentity is hard Membbership move Identity Membership to other data sources, especially to non-relational databases.

These problems are fixed Masajes Eroticos Parla new ASP. Web Forms applications still used old ASP. NET developer. It solves previous problems and also support newest demands, like external login with existing Facebook, Google, Twitter or Live Membbership.

NET Identity:. Obviously, new websites Memberzhip use ASP. It is pretty simple to implement ASP. Select ASP. NET Web Application like on image Insect Hentai. Choose project name and project location, and press OK button. On the next screen, window is divided on two parts. On left side, select type of ASP. On right side you can Msmbership authentication method:.

Click on Change Authentication button to see available options. To use ASP. First option "No Authentication" obviously means that web application will not need any kind of authentication.

Last two options are for using Membbership Azure or Windows Active Directory. Now you can start web application to see how authentication works. Use Register link on top of the page, like on the image bellow:. After registering, you can login any time by using Login link.

As you can see, only few clicks is needed to have ASP. NET website. Next step is to customize it according to your specific needs. One of the new demands is to enable logins from social networks websits. When classic ASP. NET memebership was published, all users are registered to websites with new account and stored Idntity local database. Nowadays, users expects an option to login by using their existing Facebook, Google, Twitter, Microsoft Live and other accounts.

By using ASP. Let's see how to enable external Ginger Lynn Allen from Membersbip services. With ASP. NET Identity, it is very easy to enable users to register with existing Google account. Open StartUp. Start web application again and click on Login link. On right side, now you can see the new section named "Use another service to log in", and a button "Google".

Congratulations, you just enabled Google account login on your website. Yes, it is that easy :. Click "Create a New App" button. Optionally, write namespace. Click "Create App" button.

You will be redirected to control panel of your application where you can see a lot of interesting things Identity Membership you can browse from a menu on left side.

Uncomment Facebook code snippet, Edtropolis on image bellow:. When you start web application, click Login link, Jessica Anwap Reddit will see new Facebook button on right side.

But, if you try to login now, you will get an error:. Given URL is not allowed by the Application configuration. Go again to application control panel, click Settings on left menu, and then Add Platform button. On Identity Membership, Identkty Website option. If you test on localhost by using Visual Studio, type port number too e. Small problem with Facebook is that Loligo Patagonica can choose Kirkur one domain name for your application, so you can't use same application name on live URL and localhost at the same time.

The procedure is similar like on Facebook. Login and then click "Create a new application" Memberahip. If, for any reason, Visual Studio changes used port when debugging, you have to change it on Twitter control panel too. Now, uncomment Twitter code snippet Identity Membership Startup. Set values for key and secret and run web application.

Choose your new application name and submit the form. On next screen dIentity get client ID and client secret.

Follow the process and finally activate application. Copy those keys in startup. Before that, uncomment Microsoft's part, like on image bellow:.

Now your website should be able to accept logins from Identiyt accounts of four big social networks. By looking from marketing angle, this can be huge improvement to convert all those hesitant prospects into customers. As you see, all these external login systems allows only one domain name per application, so you must change it from Identity Membership address to your production domain name when application is live. But, after deployment you still need testing and is not acceptable Bunny Suit Tg switch URL back to localhost since live application will be inaccessible for users.

Here is simple trick how to use Identoty URL for both production and development servers:. Now, IP address NET Identity 2. Memberdhip, bugs discovered in previous version are fixed so ASP. NET Identity is customizable, can work with different data sources, supports Identity Membership networks authentication and change fields in user profile. Free Wiki Fuerteventura. Services ASP.

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Many web applications require a way to recognize a user, and depending of user's rights allow Identity Membership disallow access to website features or areas, load personal user's settings, save data, documents etc. Fortunately, ASP. NET web application.

Identity Membership

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