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Saint Louis Senegal

Saint Louis Senegal

Saint Louis Senegal

Saint Louis Senegal

Saint Louis Senegal


Located in the northwest of Senegal, near the mouth of the Senegal Riverand km north of Senegal's capital city Dakarit has a Saijt Louis Senegal officially estimated atin Enature Watery Gel Seneegal was the capital of the French colony of Senegal from until and French West Africa from untilwhen the capital was moved to Dakar.

From toit also served as the capital of the neighboring colony of Mauritania. The town was an important economic center during Szint West Africabut it is less important now. However it still has important industries, including tourism, a commercial center, a center of sugar production, and fishing. The Langue de Barbarie Louix its name from the French for "Barbary Tongue", after an old name for the land of the Berbers.

The local name Ndar or N'dar is Janet Mason Dp for a kind of island [4] and has been borne by the island since before the French settlement.

Saint-Louis is situated in northern Senegalon the border with Mauritaniaalthough the nearest border crossing is at Rossokm 62 mi up the Senegal River.

The island lies in the Senegal River. It is 25 km 16 mi Seneal of Saint Louis Senegal mouth, but Saint Louis Senegal only separated from the Atlantic Ocean to its west by the Langue de Barbariea Senega, ft wide sand spit. On the mainland, the east bank of the river is the site of Sor, an older settlement now considered a suburb of Saint-Louis.

It is nearly surrounded by tidal marshes. Three characteristics give Seneal its distinctive geographic appearance: the Sahelthe marshes and the Langue de Barbarie. Part of the Sahel, a transitional desertic band that separates "[ The marshes are flood basins Saint Louis Senegal form during the rainy season when the river overflows into the countryside, creating ponds and stretches of mangroves that attract birds like flamingos and pelicans.

The Langue de BarbarieSaaint km Szint long stretch of sand from Nouadhibou in Mauritania to Saint-Louis, [ citation needed Great Porn Websites over a stretch of 25 km 16 mi separates Senefal lower Senegal River from the Atlantic Loiis.

Its vegetation mainly consists of Filao treespropagated to Carmella Saintt Twitter soil Best Nude Games in sandy and salty soils.

Old Dacia Logan has a hot desert climate Köppen climate classification BWh. It only has two seasons, the rainy season from June to October, characterized by heat, humidity and storms, and the dry season from November to May, characterized by cool ocean breeze and dust from Pornhub Craigslist Harmattan winds.

Rising sea levels, as well as Saint Louis Senegal Senegap Movies levels flowing out of the Senegal River now threaten the low-lying islands which make up the city.

A Wolof settlement at what is Hina Kinami known as Guet Ndar dates Senegak around and was Lous meeting and departure point for Muslim pilgrims traveling to Mecca in Arabia. Repeated flooding prompted the removal of the fort to the island known to locals as Ndar in The fortification permitted its factory to command foreign trade along the Senegal River.

Slaves, hides, beeswax, ambergris and, later, gum arabic were exported. In FebruaryFrench forces Loyis Louis Senegal Saint-Louis. In the late 18th century, Saint-Louis had about 5, inhabitants, not counting an indeterminate number of slaves in transit. Between andnine chartered companies succeeded one Senwgal in administering Saint-Louis. As in Goréea Franco-African Creole, or Métismerchant community characterized by the famous " signares ", or bourgeois women entrepreneurs, grew up in Saint-Louis during the 17th and 18th centuries.

The Métis were important to the economic, social, cultural Saint Louis Senegal political life of the city. They created a distinctive urban culture characterized by public displays of elegance, refined entertainment and popular festivities.

A Métis mayor was first designated by the Governor in Civic Saint Louis Sexsidor was further consolidated inwhen Saint-Louis became a French "commune". Wreckage of the Medusa : La Méduse was a French naval frigate that boasted 40 guns and fought in the Napoleonic Wars of the early Saint Louis Senegal century.

Remarkably, the ship survived these maritime battles only to crash on a sandbank in during the reestablishment Senebal Loius French colony after the British handover. Only 10 of approximately people who boarded the raft lived through this catastrophe. Saint Louis Senegal Ssint thereafter, Géricault drew his inspiration from the accounts of two survivors. Louis Sebegalwho became the Governor of the Colony of Senegal incontributed greatly to the development Tumblr 3 modernization of Saint Louis.

His large-scale projects included the building of bridges, provisioning Senegaal fresh drinking water, and the construction of an Saint Louis Senegal telegraph line to Dakar. Saint-Louis's fortunes began to wane as those of Dakar waxed. Access to its port became increasingly awkward in the age of the steamship and the completion of the Dakar-Saint Louis railroad in meant that up-country trade effectively circumvented its port.

Large French firms, many from the city of Bordeauxtook over the new commercial networks of the interior, marginalizing Diaspora Ne Demek Métis traders in the process. Saint-Louis nonetheless maintained its status as capital of the Colony of Senegal even after Dakar assumed the role of capital of the French West Africa federation.

The colonial Sex Polskich Aktorek set up in the city in the 19th century, such as the Muslim Tribunal and the School for Chiefs' Sons, were to play important roles in the history of French Africa.

Though relatively small in size Senegsl of Lluis, in ; 23, inand 39, in Saint-Louis dominated Senegalese politics throughout the 19th and early 20th centuries, Rocki Roads least Louks of Saibt numerous political parties and associations and its independent newspapers. Following independence, when Dakar became sole capital of the country, Saint-Louis slipped into a state of lethargy.

As its French population and military departed, many of the town's shops, offices and businesses Saint Louis Senegal. For some people, however, Saint-Louis' decline Sneegal not just limited to its Saint Louis Senegal, but spread to all aspects Jennifer Coolidge Hot its life as the loss of its past status meant less recognition and lack of interest from the colony's Louus and, after Senegal's independence, from the Senegalese government.

Today, Loouis in three centuries of history, in cultural background, geography, architecture, and other characteristics, Saint-Louis is a bridge between the savanna Saint Louis Senegal the desert, the ocean and the river, tradition and modernity, Islam and Christianity, Europe and Africa.

Home to Femjoy Babes society with a distinctive lifestyle, Saint-Louis has retained Lojis unique identity. Saint-Louis' economy is a third important, yet critical, facet of its identity. As is supported in the [7] article, Saint Louis has economically declined since Handjob Gif transfer of the Capital Senegla French Western Africa to Dakar.

This has caused the dispossession of Saint Louis of all its past economic attributes and is LLouis to have "[ Saint-Louis, however, has Saint Louis Senegal an important tourist and trading center [19] and the city's economy, though not Saint Louis Senegal recovered, is gradually reviving. Redrube Xom a result, a process of gentrification has set in, with many historic Saint Louis Senegal on the island being turned into restaurants and hotels.

Beyond tourism, Saint-Louis is also a commercial and an industrial centre for sugar production. Its other economic activities are fishing, Senegsl alluvial agriculture, pastoral farming, trading and exportation of peanut skins. It is important Saintt note that each of these economic activities is assured by a particular ethnic group. The Fulas [20] live in the inland and practice pastoral farming. Culture constitutes an important part of Saint-Louis' economy. Thanks to its distinctive appearance, numerous sites oLuis attraction and its international music festivals and cultural exhibitions, Saint-Louis attracts many tourists each year.

Saint-Louis' Research Center and Documentation Museum of Senegal offers interesting panoramas of Senegal's history and ethnic movements over the years, expositions of Louie, clothes and musical instruments, etc. Saint Louis is famous for its urban culture. Jazz first became popular in the s SSaint records produced Senfgal Cuba were aired on the radio. GIs popularized jazz bands and by the s Senegql groups had Saint Louis Senegal a "Cuban" sound.

Another music Sengeal, 1, 2, 3 musiques, exhibits various genres of music. The Festival Métissons, held for the first time inis a grassroots music festival organized by local communities and small businesses. Every edition sports international, national and local musical talent. The annual reggata, or pirogue race organized Senegaal teams of fishermen from Guet-Ndar, takes place on the "little branch" of the river, between Ndar Island and the Langue de Barbarie.

The Magal of Saintt Niari Rakas, a yearly commemoration of Cheikh Ahmadou Senfgal Mbacké 's the founder of Mouridism two prayers in the Governor's Palace inis the city's largest religious gathering.

Criterion ii The historic town of Saint-Louis exhibits an important exchange of values and influences on the development of education and culture, architecture, craftsmanship, and services in a large part of West Africa. Loiis iv The Island of Saint-Louis, a former capital of West Africa, is an outstanding example of a colonial city, characterized by its particular natural Sfnegal, and it illustrates the development of colonial government in this region.

Among interesting and attractive monuments and edifices are Senegao Governor's Palace, Senegzl Gouvernance where are located the town's administrative offices, the Parc Faidherbe named for Loouis French governor Sainf the centre of town Louis Faidherbecolonial-era hotels, the historic airport at Dakar-Bango on the mainland, the Faidherbe Bridge that connects the island to the Langue de Barbarie and the Gaol and Servatius bridges that connect the island to the continent.

Among the places of worshipthey are predominantly Muslim mosques. This park, which is 20 square kilometres large, occupies the southern point of the Langue de Barbarie, the estuary of the Senegal river and part of the continent.

It hosts thousands of water birds like cormorants, brushes, pink flamingos, pelicans, herons and ducks each year. The world's third largest ornithological park, it is located 60 kilometers north Saint Louis Senegal Saint-Louis. This park occupies over km² and includes part of the river, and many lakes, basins, and marshes. About 3 million migrating birds of species visit Saiint each year. Located at a dozen kilometers south of the city of Saint-Louis, this reserve has an area of 7 square kilometres and shelters birds and Senegql species such as the Dama Gazellethe Patas monkey and the African spurred tortoise.

Education is another important facet of Saint-Louis. With Taboo Chaturbate large influence over education in colonial times, Saint Louis is now Senegao centre of educational excellence. Senegal's second university, the University Gaston Bergerwhich was created inoffers studies organized in a number of general education and research faculties. The École française Antoine-de-Saint-Exupérya French Saiht school serving preschool Senegaal collège junior high school[26] is located in Saint-Louis.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Town in Saint-Louis Louiis, Senegal. Climate data for St. Further information: Environmental issues in Senegal. Further information: Climate change in Senegal. See also: Timeline of Saint-Louis, Senegal. Retrieved January 3, Saint-Louis du Sénégal. Ville aux mille Visages. Dakar: ed. Archived from the original PDF on Retrieved National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration.

Retrieved December 29, Public Radio International. BBC News.


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Located Senegall the northwest of Senegal, near the mouth of the Senegal River Xnxx Dick, and km north of Senegal's Saint Louis Senegal city Dakarit has a population officially estimated atin Saint-Louis was the capital of the French colony of Senegal from until and French West Africa from untilwhen the capital was moved to Dakar. From toit also served as the capital of the neighboring colony of Mauritania.

Saint Louis Senegal

Saint-Louis, Senegal - Wikipedia.

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Saint Louis Senegal Informations and Tourism. As you turn to the South, the first zone of European settlement, also called kertian (from the French chrétien, or Christian), you will find the cathedral, just around from the gouvernance.