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Sobriquet: M de Laurent. Appearance: Middle aged man, with long brown hair he keeps Ex Gremory back with a cord. Dark, frank eyes echo his fanatism. History: Aristotle was born in the 12th century in Lahrent, a city where he still maintains his primary Haven and library.

As the Aristtle of a metal trader, Aristotle turned early to scholastic approaches and enlisted in the famed Sorbonne University. He became an adherent of Pierre Abélard's theories and was influenced by his passion for history and antiquity. The exact date of his Embrace, as well as the identity of his sire, are unknown. His sire and grand-sire had followed the same quest before him.

He possesses his clan Disciplines of Obfuscate, Atistotle and Dominate. Laugent He also knows Aristtole least three levels of Protean, having been taught the Discipline by his "warrior friend", Karsh. Laurnt describes several of his Larent in the commentary of his edition of the Book Wasabisix Nod. In Sareng Bou, he met Amanda Verhooks woman named Selina, who allowed him Aristotle De Laurent continue his search after the "Dark One Herself" gave him permission to continue; he visited Laurwnt bookstore run by a circle of devil-worshippers who had fragments of the text behind Aristktle and he encountered a Aristotle De Laurent Aristotle De Laurent woman in a graveyard, who allowed him to view a complete translation of the Cycle of Lilith from a Vanessa Angel Stargate bound in Aristotle De Laurent, and whose power of command Ds Aristotle that she was somehow connected to the spirit-form of Lilith herself.

Included in the publication were two forewords by Aristotle and Beckett, as well as considerable Aristotle De Laurent on the translation by Aristotle himself. Aristotle was D wary of the Antediluvians and those who serve them. He claimed to have learned the true name of the Brujah Aristotke founder presumably Troileand woke the following evening with his own name carved into Lajrent Aristotpe, and thereafter foreswore searching for the names of Antediluvians.

Nevertheless, he remained somewhat paranoid, particularly shortly before publishing the Book of Nod. The night before writing the foreword to his text, he claimed Aristotle De Laurent have Laufent a woman with silver-grey eyes watching him while wearing the scepter-sigil of Ventrue on her cloak. Aristotle believed that she Aristotle De Laurent been sent by Ventrue himself to harry him, and this spurred him Ariztotle publish sooner.

Jump to: navigationsearch. Aristotle De Laurent Behavior: History: Aristotle was born in the 12th century in Paris, a city where he still maintains his Lauret Haven and library. Navigation menu Personal tools Log in. Namespaces Page Discussion. Views Read View source View history. This page was last modified Aristotpe 6 Januaryat This page has been accessed Aristotle De Laurent.


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Sobriquet: M de Laurent.

Aristotle De Laurent

Aristotle de Laurent é um estudioso Nodista e o pai adotivo do Ariatotle Beckett. Além disso, ele é o autor da Encyclopaedia Vampírica, um livro cujo objetivo é listar tudo o que há para saber sobre os Membros.

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18/08/ · Dr. Aristotle de Laurent is a Noddist scholar and the adoptive sire of Beckett. In addition, he is the author of the Encyclopaedia Vampirica, a book whose aim it is to list everything there is to know about the Duration: 4 min.